Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jog förstår inte

I love clogs.

I used to hate clogs... but that was when my very Swedish mother forced me to wear them with dresses, while painting, while gardening, while shopping, while baking, basically if my mother could have legally glued the shoes to my feet i think she would have.

There is a painting in my parents livingroom that i hated all of my life. it didnt match anything else in the house, it was GIANT and blue and then it had this lime green square that seemed to scream at me every single time i looked at it. i told her once that i was going to paint over it. she agreed (because for some reason she thinks i am a fabulous painter)... i never did though. she always told me "one day you will like that painting" and now that time has come. the reason i bring this up is because of the clogs. i dislike, then i love.

Chanel started the trend this year with incredible studded clogs with an ass kicking heel that just demands that i own them. The Music to my Clogs is going to be "Get Lucky" by Dragonette. my reason - just because.

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